The Team


Ravindra Warang

Co-Founder, Director-Sales & Marketing

Multi-faceted in management and spectator of creativity he has took Tantra-Gyan to a new level of innovation and has always influenced every associate by his mentoring and the client with merchandising.


Viraj Khatavkar

Co-Founder, Director-Technology

A Veracious, Virtuous and Venturous individual who is recognized for his meticulous work in Tantra-Gyan. Viraj Khatavkar believes in efficacious outcomes which are sure succeeding.


Harshil Shah

Co-Founder, Director-Marketing

He is the "Mr.Analyst", who operates in a suave manner with the goal of succeeding in all his visions and endeavours. He is a skilled and a seasoned professional and imparts a methodical leadership to TG's marketing front.


Kailash Vele

Sr. Front End Developer

He has always enthralled everyone with the likes of innovation, adaption and blazant fast speed. He has enraptured his team to new heights of success every single time with a mesmerizing role in the evolution of Front End technologies at Tantra-Gyan.


Varad Mondkar

Sr. Android Developer

An extremely enthusiastic and stupendously charismatic Android developer,with a constant zeal of innovation, ahead in the game and at the same time go down the rabbit hole for creating out of the box solutions.


Prathamesh Palav

Sr. PHP Developer

“The PHP Artisan” would be the exact line to describe him. His technical advice is like snow; the softer it falls, the longer it dwells upon, and the deeper it sinks into the mind. He is proficient, yet marvelous.

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