Android Development

We help you take customer involvement to next level with your own Android App. Just getting an App is never enough. Your app needs to stand out in the proliferate market. It needs to communicate with your customer and add value to your brand.

TG helps you design customized UI/UX and optimizes your app for the app store. We help you create an app your customers will love!

We help you take customer involvement to next level with your own Android App.

Key Features

UI Services

An android application takes your product/service to your customer’s fingertips. To ensure continued loyalty and usage by your customers we design user-centric UI for your app.

Third Party API-integration

We link your app with your website or any other software application, as required by you. This opens up a realm of unlimited possibilities for our app and adds greatly to its functionality.

Hybrid Apps

We can make your app compatible for running on multiple platforms by developing a hybrid one. A hybrid app combines the power of HTML5/CSS as well as android. While the user gets to download it just like any other app from the app store.


Simple yet Powerful

Powerful inside and simple outside! This is our philosophy while designing the app. Right design, robust code and easy-to-use yet attractive interface are the keystones for our app development.

Version Support

Android spans its wings over various versions from 2.x to 6.x with each of them giving a lot different set of features. With the most accepted OS across mobile devices, you need to have your business face in the Android world.

Our tested team of experts will help you to chose the most preferred support for your application and help you develop the same with maximum reach to your prospective audience!