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Key Features

Quick action center
Tailored it for your needs

Customization is one of the essentials to make your Sales Management suite work effectively for you.We completely understand this and we ensure that SalesTantra is designed in such a way that it supports all your activities and helps you streamline your efforts to improve your productivity and profitability.

On Premise Suite as well as cloud option

We offer cloud as well as on-premise options to host your SalesTantra. If you already have IT infrastructure to host Sales Tantra, we can deploy the suite there,else we also offer Sales Tantra on cloud. It gives you all freedom to maintain your own suite and data the way you want,saving a lot of setup cost and suite management is on us.

manage your kpi
Effective Lead Management

Lead management is the most crucial piece of puzzle in improving the sales pipeline.SalesTantra helps you tackle this challenge by letting you classify and analyse your leads based on geography, lead source, valuation and other lead criteria. Once you have separated real prospective leads from others.

Visually Engaging UI for Sales Force

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KPI empowered Dashboard

‘Prevention is always better than cure’, tells the good old wisdom! Hence, SalesTantra offers you a visual representation of KPI analysis of select lead and lag indicators on your Dashboard itself. This helps you analyse the current sales efforts as well as predict the future trends in your business.

Typical Sales Reports give you a rear mirror view of performance. What we need in addition to that are indicators which help determine the view ahead. Moreover, sales activity for various businesses has its own peculiarities. So, it needs to be measured differently for each business. SalesTantra gives you the freedom and power to define your own Key Performance Indicators and track your sales efficiency and most importantly forecast your sales within the same suite.


Live Leads Screen

SalesTantra’s live leads screen lets you grasp your leads status just at a glance. All your leads are flagged with an action status that the lead needs.

Lead management is the most crucial piece of puzzle in improving the sales pipeline. Inefficient leads management hampers sales and adds on monetary as well as time costs. It dilutes your sales team’s productivity as they waste precious time on insignificant leads. SalesTantra helps you avoid this pitfall and enhance your efficiency.

opportunity management


This is a unique feature of SalesTantra. Traditional Sales Management suites offer different interfaces for different stages of Sales. This increases the time a user needs to spend on updating the status and also leaves scope for multiplicity of entries.

In SalesTantra we have provided a Quick Action Centre through which you can manage various stages through a single interface and just a few clicks!!


Account Management

With SalesTantra, managing customer accounts becomes hassle-free. It is loaded with various account management elements that help you keep a track of all the relevant details of your customers. And we have given it a user-intuitive interface to actually make you love it!

SalesTantra enables you to store multiple contacts within a single customer and add social media or personal details for all these contacts. It also helps you track business transaction history or even any meeting/appointment or call history for all your customers. The best part is, you can generate a single comprehensive Account Sales Report consisting of all this information to get a heads up just before that crucial meeting!

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Quick Action Centre

This feature adds ease and pace to your sales activity. Setup calls and appointments or upgrade your lead to another funnel stage with just a single click. Also get a quick snapshot of your activities flagged with their activity status.

Quick Action Centre makes SalesTantra very user-friendly and visually engaging. At the same time the time you spend on Sales funnel streamlining is reduced incredibly!!

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Innovative Calendar

Scheduling and organising was never this effective before! SalesTantra brings to you an immensely powerful feature in the form of our innovative calendar. It not only helps you organize your own schedule but rather enables an entire team to work together with synchronised schedules.

Innovative Calendar lets your team share calendars. This inculcates discipline in your Salesforce to regularly update notes and minutes to meetings. It also helps the team lead have a transparent picture of ground zero. And to add further coherence, SalesTanra’s calendar can be synced with Google or Outlook Calendars too!

How It Works

Give your sales team yet another incentive this year- a robust CRM system; and they will be happier than ever! We at TG, offer a CRM solution tailor-made for your needs and necessities. Streamline all your sales activities and help your sales team become even more efficient.

We can customize or recommend an off-the-shelf CRM solution for you with few or all of the following features:

  • Contact Management
  • Leads-to-sales booster
  • Effective Sales Funnel
  • Comprehensive BI Reports

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